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Former Jordan Boss Predicts McLaren Reuniting with Mercedes

Former Jordan Boss Predicts McLaren Reuniting with Mercedes

According to former Jordan F1 boss, Eddie Jordan, the McLaren team could possibly return to Mercedes in the near future. The British marquee has been employing Renault engines, since the 2018 season, ever since their fallout with Honda.

Admittedly, their first season with the French engine supplier was a season of just seeing how the two gelled together. So, spectacular result may not have been expected right off the bat. Fortunately, with the Renault engine, McLaren seems to be holding its own in the second season of their partnership.

Thought-provokingly, Eddie Jordan believes that the Woking squad will reunite with Mercedes. As of 2019, aside from the factory team, only Williams and Racing Point are Mercedes customers. Meanwhile, Renault have McLaren as their sole customer. Honda are supplying Red Bull and Toro Rosso, and Ferrari have Haas and Alfa Romeo as their customers.

On one side, the move makes sense, given that there are rumours of Williams possibly adopting Renault power. With one Mercedes customer slot free, and McLaren eager to return to the podium, they could swoop in. In other words, McLaren and Williams, two former championship-winning teams, could swap engine suppliers. Now, the only question is, will these two swaps help them or hurt them.

However, on the other side of the coin, Renault and Mercedes will obviously look out for their own interests. Renault supplied McLaren last year because they likely did not view McLaren as a championship threat.

Back when Mercedes used to supply McLaren, the British outfit were quite fast and was a championship contender on a number of occasions. Now that Mercedes are the fastest of the Mercedes-powered cars, it is possible that they will view McLaren as a threat in the championship.

Coming to Renault and Williams, the former will likely have no qualms about supplying the grove-based team as Williams F1 have been struggling in the past few seasons.


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