Former Renault F1 team principal Flavio Briatore has now decided to pursue a political career. As a result, it has drawn immediate attention and comparisons to United States president Donald Trump.

Briatore was the team principal of Benetton and Renault in Formula One until the 2009 season. His crowning glory during his F1 tenure was guiding Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso to title glory.

However, with every rise, there has to be a fall, and it came for the Italian in 2008. In the wake of the infamous ‘Crashgate‘ scandal, Briatore was banned and Nelson Piquet Jr’s career was nearly in ruins.

The 69-year old’s other ventures included football ownership at English club QPR briefly. However, the flamboyant businessman will target the political sphere with his next move, having established ‘Movimento del Fare’.

Flavio Briatore

Upon learning that his transition from business to politics seemingly mirrored Trump’s own move, Briatore said: “The comparison with the president of the United States honours me.

“Donald has an unparalleled talent. I have known him since the 1990s and I think I was the first to take him to Europe. When he ran for the White House, he had everyone against him.”

“People identify with Donald rather than politicians who live in small talk. In life, he happened to gamble in business and make mistakes, he fell and he recovered.”

“In America, if you make mistakes and recover, they support you; in Italy, on the other hand, they no longer give you credit.”

Admittedly, Briatore still harbours a strong relationship with his former Renault ward, Fernando Alonso. In fact, last year, he confidently declared that Alonso would not stay away from Formula One for long. However, he is of the opinion that it will only be feasible if Mercedes or Ferrari knock on his doorstep.