Former Rival Returns With a Challenge for Floyd Mayweather

March 30, 2020 4:11 pm

Oscar De La Hoya has come out and challenged his long time rival, Floyd Mayweather. But this time it is for a good cause!

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya donated a whopping $250,000. It all went towards helping fight the ongoing Global Pandemic Coronavirus. He is very keen on having other people also join him in this fight against the pandemic. His main focus is donating towards organizations in need. De La Hoya wants to help hospitals, medical staff and any other first respondents that are involved in this battle.


It isn’t just plain donations though. De La Hoya has found a way to make it interesting. He has made it in such a way that everyone around the world can be a part of this and in some small way help out. He said,” The last nine days, I’ve done about 250,000 push-ups and for every push-up, I donated a dollar. So why don’t we do this, let’s challenge our peers, our friends, business leaders, politicians, or business or sports owners and donate money, create awareness.”

This entire routine is to primarily create awareness and gain donations towards the chosen cause. De La Hoya further said,” Instead of challenging everybody to do push-ups, why don’t we challenge everybody to do push-ups but every push-up you do, donate a dollar. If you do five push-ups, donate five bucks. If you do ten push-ups, donate ten bucks. Imagine millions and millions of people doing this, we can help out a lot, a lot of people especially the people that are helping us in these hospitals.” 

Will Floyd Mayweather oblige?

De La Hoya even called up Floyd Mayweather to help out. Floyd and De la Hoya have had their fair share of challenges within the ring. Now its time for them to join forces and help fight the current situation.

Oscar De La Hoya said, “Floyd, let’s match what I donated, for instance. Or I challenge you to a push-up contest. Whoever wins, you gotta donate more money. Let’s do this, let’s help people out.” The ball is now in Floyd’s court. He is yet to respond. But we all hope its a yes from him!

Lastly, De La Hoya said the amount you donate doesn’t have to be crazy high. As long as everyone does their part we will have enough. We hope a lot of people jump on the wagon and help with this great cause!

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