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How Important is Electricity in Formula 1? – Vergne

How Important is Electricity in Formula 1? – Vergne

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Reigning Formula E World Champion Jean-Eric Vergne says he wants to see Formula 1 and Formula E merge in the future.

Formula E, which is the leading electric cars series, was launched in 2014, with races taking place exclusively on street circuits around the world.

The series has attracted a host of stars formerly seen around the Formula One paddock including Vergne, Felipe Massa, Pascal Wehrlein and Sebastien Buemi.

Several leading manufacturers have also entered the series, with Jaguar, Audi and BMW amongst the names.

Speaking at the FIA Gala, Vergne said: “In the future, 2030 or something like that, there will only be electric cars or cars with new technology, we will not be running petrol or gasoline engines and the like.

“Formula 1 will have to completely change its mentality in the field of electricity, but again, it’s not up to me to decide, Formula 1 is Formula 1 and I think it will always be Formula 1.

“It’s the most important series in motorsport history and I always think that will be the case.

“Formula E is a bit different and in my opinion it does not compete with Formula 1, but I sometimes hear that the two classes might fuse one day, which I would like to have, as you keep on doing the best of the Formula 1 and the Formula E. That would be nice.”

Formula E’s fifth season is currently underway with the revolutionary Gen 2 car. The first race in Ad Diriyah is already over with the Frenchman finishing 2nd. The next race of the season will be in Marrakesh on the 12th of January.

Meanwhile, Formula One will resume in March for the 2019 season in Australia. Lewis Hamilton will be aiming to defend his title and edge closer to Michael Schumacher’s record of seven.

Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA), DS TECHEETAH, DS E-Tense FE19
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