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Formula One 2017 Team by Team Mid Season Report

Formula One 2017 Team by Team Mid Season Report

With the Belgian Grand Prix less than a week away, many drivers and teams will be using the mid-season break to either train or recharge their batteries. With Sebastian Vettel leading the championship and Lewis Hamilton close behind them, there is no doubt that the battle to the final race of the season will be legendary. But how do the teammates stack up against each other? Essentially Sports analyses.


Hamilton vs Bottas

While Mercedes currently rule the roost in the constructors standings, it is Hamilton who has bested teammate Bottas on many occasions. But out of 11 races, Bottas has finished ahead of Hamilton on 5 occasions, including two race wins. In ┬áterms of Qualifying, Hamilton and Bottas are almost even but Lewis has the edge with the intra-team battle reading 6-5 in Hamilton’s favour.


Vettel vs Raikkonen

Ferrari have established themselves as challengers for the 2017 crown and Sebastian Vettel has nominated himself as the prime candidate to take the fight to Hamilton. In terms of Qualifying head to head with teammate Raikkonen, the German leads with a score of 8-3. Comparing their race results, Vettel once again leads Raikkonen, but this time he has finished ahead of the Finn 9 times, barring 1 retirement for Kimi at Barcelona. Raikkonen has only beaten Vettel on 1 occasion and that was at the British Grand Prix where both Ferraris were beset by tire trouble.

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