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Formula One Backmarker Triumphs

Formula One Backmarker Triumphs

Backmarker Triumphs

Formula One is a resource driven sport. So the top positions are always taken up by the so called “front runner” teams. Meanwhile those at the back of the grid squabble amongst themselves. They are usually too busy surviving that they have little opportunity of moving up the grid. But the uncertain character of racing means every now and then the sport throws a few surprises. This article combines a list of such surprises when backmarker triumphs made us root for the underdog.

10 Backmarker Triumphs

10. Takuma Sato Super Aguri 2007 Canada

The 2007 Canadian Grand Prix is remembered for two big reasons. First for Hamilton’s maiden F1 win and second for Kubica’s violent crash during the race.

Eagle-eyed fans will remember it for one more nifty detail. That detail was Takuma Sato’s 6th place finish. The Japanese driver scored 3 points driving the perennial backmarker Super Aguri. He battled and overtook Fernando Alonso’s McLaren on lap 67 of the 70 lap race on his way to P6!

The race itself was chaotic and crash riddled. Sato found himself in contention for points after making the right strategy calls. All this was despite starting the race from P14. The Japanese driver survived four safety car periods battled with Ralf Schumacher and Alonso. Ultimately, he prevailed to find himself in the backmarker triumphs list.

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