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Formula One: Drive to Survive Season 2 Premiere Reveals F1 Fans Are in For a Treat

Formula One: Drive to Survive Season 2 Premiere Reveals F1 Fans Are in For a Treat

Netflix just organized a special screening of the much-awaited Drive to survive season 2. And the season is going to be a bomb, according to recent tweets from some media personals who attended the event.

It was attended by a group of media personals, some FIA officials, McLaren driver duo, George Russell and a bunch of lucky fans

What can we expect from Drive to Survive season 2

Yes, we are getting the Mercedes pit lane fiasco from the German GP, Gunther Stein’s temper, and a lot of on-track action.

Ferrari’s situation with Charles and Pierre Gasly’s forgetful RedBull drive will be the key focus of a few episodes. Along with Sebastian Vettel’s 2019 journey and Ferrari’s failed expedition of the World Constructor Championship.

Additionally, the episodes will take you through a journey around the world following the driver’s championship and Mclaren drivers will get plentiful of screen time.

In conclusion, the season is going to be an amazing journey inside the Formula 1 world.

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This is the first time we will see all the drivers, teams, and a bunch of veteran columnists covering every aspect of the sport.

On Monday, Daniel Riccardo talked about his tryst with Red bull in an American TV show.

A 30-second preview of the Drive to survive season 2 was also featured in the episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Danni talked about is a love-hate relationship with RedBull and the pitfalls of the breakup.

He also stated “I definitely feel F1 is becoming much more of a thing here in the States. Drive to Survive put it on the map“.

Impact of the show

Additionally, F1 has cited the success of the Netflix series as being key in its growth among young fans and new geographies.

FIA reporting earlier this year that 62 % of new fans were under the age of 35. Certainly, the second season is going to help Liberty push F1 deeper into the US mainland.

The season will premier on the 28th of February exclusively on Netflix. Meanwhile, just cling on to your seats, do a binge of the Drive to survive season 1 and wait for the season teaser.

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