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Formula One Journalist Predicts Massive Movement in Driver Market for 2020

Formula One Journalist Predicts Massive Movement in Driver Market for 2020

Earlier today, a group of Formula One journalists banded together to review the 2019 season. The likes of Mark Hughes, David Tremayne, Will Buxton, Jonny Reynolds, Lawrence Barretto and Greg Stuart reviewed the season and gave their predictions for the remainder of the season as well.

When it came to the top three drivers of the half-season, the general consensus was Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, it was the third driver choice that was really interesting, to say the least. Carlos Sainz was widely regarded as the most impressive driver of the 2019 season, owing to his consistency. A couple of the Formula One writers chose Charles LeClerc, while Buxton even name-dropped George Russell. He firmly believes that even at his best, Robert Kubica could not hold a candle to Russell.

In terms of the biggest surprise of the season, Ferrari’s fall from grace, after huge promises in testing was the clear winner. Others included Pierre Gasly’s slump in form, resulting in his demotion to Toro Rosso. However, it was also pointed out that Red Bull and Honda’s increased pace was another surprise.


Sebastian Vettel
Ferrari have struggled a lot this season

When the question of the best race was posed, the topsy-turvy German Grand Prix was a popular choice. Though, in all honesty, choosing between any of the last 4 races proved to be quite challenging.

Choosing the best individual performances resulted in varying responses, though many were impressed with Max Verstappen and his run in Austria. Other nominees included an excellent run from Alex Albon in Germany, and even George Russell in Hungary qualifying.

As they looked ahead to the Belgian Grand Prix and the second half of the season, one thing on everyone’s mind was when Ferrari will open their win account. Another interesting situation will be how Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly get along in their new environments.

Finally, it was time for the predictions, and they included Ferrari going winless, Red Bull achieving their predicted target of 5 wins, Carlos Sainz bringing McLaren back to the podium and finally, Hughes predicting that there could be two sensational moves in the driver market.

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