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Formula One Still Want Ferrari and Mercedes in Netflix Series

Formula One Still Want Ferrari and Mercedes in Netflix Series


Formula One’s new Netflix series has officially dropped, but two crucial teams were missing. So now, Formula One is trying to convince all 10 teams to participate in the second Netflix series about the championship. Season 2 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive is currently still in the initial works.

Originally only eight teams agreed to be fully invested in the series. The only exceptions were, Ferrari and Mercedes, who opted out when filming got underway last year. However, as the season progressed, Ferrari evidently decided that there’s no harm and granted some access.

F1 is now in talks with the teams regarding their participation in a second season. Inspite of no confirmation yet, production company Box to Box undertook some filming at the Barcelona test.

To this effect, Ross Brawn, Formula One head of motorsport is of the opinion that all teams will understand the value of these promotional activities.

Formula One
Ross Brawn

“This sport is able to grow, and it will grow quicker if all the teams are part of that process, there’s no doubt,” he said, speaking to Autosport.

“I think the teams are starting to recognise that their involvement is not just on the track, there’s an involvement in everywhere we can improve the sport.

“Maybe not every team is reaching that conclusion at the same time, but they are all reaching that conclusion. I think we’ll see another step forward in 2019.”

Brawn has said that the fans are eager to know more about the people involved in F1. He admitted that when he stepped away from a team, he felt that it would be a fascinating story. This is because, he believes that there is a lot of emotion within the whole team. Everyone, from the individuals to the mechanics to the engineers, are considered part of the family’

The Formula One boss continued, “I know from my own family how much they suffer and how much pleasure they get on both sides. And you could see that in the film.”

“Since we’ve started this new era, one of the things that’s come across very strongly from the fans is that they want to understand the drivers, they want to understand what goes on.”

“There’s a fascination in why these guys are so special. What is it that makes them exceptional? In both those episodes we saw different aspects of F1. I particularly liked the second one – the Sainz and Alonso chemistry that was there. Those are things that you just don’t necessarily see or feel.”

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