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Formula One Team Secures 44% Revenue for McLaren

Formula One Team Secures 44% Revenue for McLaren

During the Azerbaijan GP, the McLaren team got a huge boost with a double-points finish. This has propelled them to fourth in the team standings. Now, more good news has rolled in as the financial statements for 2018 has been released.

As it turned out, the company’s supercar sales rocketed up by 44.6% from 2017. Overall, the British manufacturer has sold almost 5,000 cars, bringing in a revenue of £1.1bn. However, on the F1 car front, the loss of Honda and the need to buy engines from Renault, cost the team 36.5% of the revenue in the 2018 season.

According to Forbes, McLaren employs almost 1,700 people worldwide. North America is accounts for 36.2% of sales, while the Asian market sales have skyrocketed by 150%. The Woking squad often implements racing heritage to market road cars, a tactic also used by Ferrari.

In all honesty, it was highly effective considering that around 75 McLaren Senna GTRs all sold out within days of their announcement.


“The success of the brand in motor racing that has been established over five decades enabled us to accelerate the growth of our McLaren Automotive sportscar and supercar business in just nine years,” revealed McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt.

“We’ve also taken some of the fundamental attributes of racing – lightweight, technically advanced materials, putting the driver at the centre of the action and entertainment – and incorporated them into our product range to appeal to customers and to differentiate us from our competitors in the luxury automotive market.”

Meanwhile, the McLaren F1 team is doing its bit by boosting  sponsorship income by £21.1m. The British outfit achieved this by signing deals with Coca-Cola, Huski Chocolate and British American Tobacco.

McLaren has also expressed its desire to witness a massive change in F1’s regulations from 2021. To be precise, their focus is on limiting spending and divide prize money evenly. Now, the team seem to be performing well in 2019, so here’s hoping that their good fortune continues.

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