Formula One Trolls Former Team on Social Media

Formula One

The social media accounts of the various Formula One teams will soon be getting competition. On February 8th, the Formula 1 Youtube account posted a video of the top 10 unusual liveries in the sport.

Then, they could not resist taking a dig at one of the many defunct teams. This time, the intended target was a team called Footwork. Evidently, whoever was managing the F1 Youtube account, they have watched Avengers: Infinity War. This was seen when a comment read, “Mr. Footwork, I don’t feel so good”.

Formula 1

The Footwork team debuted in 1991 but only lasted until the 1996 season. Their only highlight was when Gianni Morbidelli took third in the 1995 Australian GP.

Other than that, their tenure in Formula 1 was quite underwhelming. The team only ended up in the points on 12 occasions in their entire career.