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Formula One’s best Wet Weather Drivers

Formula One’s best Wet Weather Drivers

The Austin Grand Prix was predicted to be a wet race but that never happened and the rains arrived too late failing to give us the first wet weather race of the season.

To ease that disappointment, here’s our take at Formula One’s best Wet weather drivers who epitomise the saying “Driving in the rain is what separates the men from the boys”.

Max Verstappen

The latest entrant to the Formula One Wet Weather Specialist list, but in mere three wet race performances, Verstappen has shown us all that he is amongst the greats in F1 when it comes to wet races.

It’s a reputation that he has justly earned merely by the measure of his incredible drive in Brazil last year where he made almost every other driver look like complete noobs, taking lines that no one took and finding grip in the most unconventional of places. His performance was very reminiscent of the greatest Wet Weather Driver that the sport has seen i.e. Ayrton Senna.

But this isn’t Verstappen’s only standout drive, this year at the Chinese Grand Prix which was a damp race to begin with, the Dutchman starting P16 following engine issues in qualifying took a stonking start to slice through the field on the opening lap by the end of which he was already in P7! going on to finish the race in P3.

The Kid Wonder’s career has just begun and we’re lucky for we’ll get to witness more of such masterclass drives from Verstappen and if he continues to perform like this, he may very surely cement his reputation as a Wet Weather master.

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