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Formula One’s Next Big Stars

Formula One’s Next Big Stars

F1 has taken a step into a new direction and some new names will now grace the sport and some new names will take center stage.
And this is evident from the fact that right now F1 is going through a generation change with Max Verstappen, Sainz, Wehrlein all carving out a name for themselves. Ocon has also found a spot for himself with the Force India on merit. Vandoorne will also grace the sport full time and Lance Stroll will pair Massa.

So with new faces that we’ll see, let’s take a look at the names that have the potential of being the next big thing at F1.


2866512.main_image Barely 19, the young Dutch has already carved a name for himself during his one and a half-year-old Formula One career with a win and four podiums to date. Turning the Wheels of an F1 car at the age of 17, it was clear the boy was destined to break records. He dutifully did
so by becoming the youngest ever driver followed by point scorer and the latest being a winner. Verstappen entered the scene with loads of expectation, and the kid with his immense self-belief and maturity raised a lot of eyebrows. Rated by Red Bull as once in a decade kind of talent, the boy wonder lived up to his name with his ballsy overtakes and fierce defending. Who can forget his side by side battle with Felipe Nasr through Blanchimont or wet weather masterclass in Brasil?

As much popular he has been on track, his off track gusto whether it is defending himself against critics or current drivers, Verstappen has clearly shown he’ll back out against no one.

However, his greatest suit is the psychological battle he draws his opponents into, traits which were last seen in the great Late Ayrton Senna as pointed out by Pundits. Dubbed as the next Senna, the youngster is on the rise both on track and off it as the large swarm of Orange-clad fans who flocked to Spa-Francorchamps to witness the Verstappen mania indicates his ever growing popularity.

At the helm of a Red Bull now, the teenager is poised for the next achievement that is being Formula One’s next big star.

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