Fortnite: A Fan Made an ANBU Black Ops Themed Concept Art for SypherPK

November 27, 2020 12:20 am

Fortnite has always rewarded its greatest streamers in various ways. One of the best ways is making a custom skin based on the particular streamer. Ninja has one, and we have all seen the video where he first sees it.

For content creators and streamers who literally spend days on the game trying to entertain their fan community, this is a huge honor. However, there are times when fans show love to streamers by making something special.

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The Fortnite streamer SypherPK has been one of the most well-known streamers in the game for a long time. Recently, a fan made him an unofficial custom skin for the game. Well, it is technically more of a concept art made by the fan. Although Sypher will not be able to use this sick skin in the game, this means a lot to the pro.

A fan turned SypherPK into an ANBU Black Ops shinobi with this Fortnite skin concept art

The artist who made this goes by the name fantasyfull on Instagram. Naturally, Sypher got really excited when he saw the concept art.

“Oh my god, ANBU Black Ops PK edition! Would you look at that! Yo, this is me in like a couple months. You know, when I lose a little bit more weight, get that jawline going, chiseled jawline. Hey, this is great! This is awesome!

For those who don’t know, ANBU Black Ops is an iconic Naruto reference. ANBU is the name of the elite ninja force that features in the popular anime. Some of the iconic characters in the anime like the legendary Uchiha Itachi, or Hatake Kakashi, were a part of this elite force that worked towards protecting the Konoha village from the shadows.

Anyone who knows of the reference would know how much this would mean to a Naruto fan. Fortunately, Sypher recognized the reference and even went on to call the design much “Naruto-esque”. At the end of the day, this love that streamers and content creators receive from their fan community is what makes their job worth it.

Samyarup Chowdhury

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