Fortnite: Aquaman Villain Will Reportedly Follow Captain America

July 5, 2020 6:46 pm

The new season of Fortnite has many things in store for the community. New vehicles along with superheroes and villains are coming in. Yes, that’s right. DC’s Aquaman will be available as a special skin in the game soon enough. Moreover, another leak is hinting at a DC villain. 

Black Manta coming to Fortnite?

Hypex, a well-known name when it comes to Fortnite leaks, came out with the big news. On his Twitter handle, he revealed that DC Villain and Aquaman’s archenemy Black Manta is coming to the game. Black Manta skin and Black Manta Blades will be available on the shop come July 16th at 14:00 GMT. 

Black Manta is an iconic villain from the DC universe. The character is a ruthless underwater-based mercenary who dons a hi-tech suit.

Epic Games has not confirmed anything regarding the character’s involvement in the game. Black Manta is likely to appear to hype things further among the fans. 

The water level will slowly recede and the game will feature a new map. A leaked map did make the rounds some days back with a place called “The Ruins.” It could be the Atlantis, the underwater kingdom, and the home of Aquaman. 

Big news for Marvel fans

It wouldn’t be fair if Epic Games stick with only DC characters. Fortnite has also brought in a Captain America skin. The first avenger will be available for purchase on the items store. 

Captain America comes in at 2000 V-Bucks. Players who purchase the skin also get the iconic shield. The shield is not just a wearable though, as it also doubles up as a pickaxe. The skin will debut alongside a new grand salute emote. Do note that the emote will cost you 300 V-Bucks. Get both skin and the emote to be the perfect patriot in-game. 

Epic Games looks to lure in all players with their new sets of skins. Previously, Marvel’s Deadpool skins were also made available in the game. Fan-favorite Black Widow outfit was also present as a part of the Avengers Endgame movie set.

The Aquaman skin will be soon made available through the battle pass. With Captain America rolling out, things are turning out to be a superhero fiesta.

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