Fortnite: Atlantis POI Audio Reveals Upcoming Event Secrets

Published 06/25/2020, 5:56 AM EDT

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Fortnite battle royale Season 3 has given us a plethora of content to be mesmerized with. We already have a clue about the things that are going to come. Similarly, we learned that Party Royale will feature Diplo, Young Thug, and Noah Cyrus. There is also the Christopher Nolan movie series that’s going to come at Fornite. So, from a content standpoint, our thirst is being replenished.

However, one of the major things which we are looking forward to is the Atlantis/Aquaman event. For quite a while this was being teased. Now, the map has been flooded, and sharks have been added. Epic has already teased the Aquaman skin with the trident. Even Jason Momoa posted it on his social media.

Fortnite getting ready to host the King of the seven seas


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Recently, Hypex posted some interesting audios which reveal a lot about the Aquaman event that is coming up. We also learned about the Atlantis POI that was added to the game files.

Aquaman is on his way, and we are probably going to see parts of the map turn into Atlantis. However, that is a conjecture and might not be that elaborate. For now, the audio file has two distinct features that we have to evaluate. 

When we talk about Aquaman, we really think of the grandness which we saw in the movie. The audio resembles the atmospheric-echo sound, which we heard in the Kraken sequence. That does make us wonder, are we going to see something like that in Fortnite. 


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Grotto to become Atlantis?


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The other feature of interest included a soft chime as well as a waterfall sound. These are the things that surfaced, so we are not entirely sure what to make of them. A good guess points towards Grotto as that could be one of the prime locations for this. Several members of the community agree with this theory. 

What adds to the mystery is the cave and the number of sharks in that region. Epic likes to tease things like this before they go all-in with their efforts. For now, it is safe to say that at least one part of the map will be transformed into a mini-Atlantis during the event. What would you like to see in the Aquaman event?


Written by:

Dipanjan Dey


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