Fortnite: Bugha Warned For Cheating In FNCS

August 13, 2020 7:32 pm

Fortnite battle royale competitive side took a major hit in the past few weeks. There are several variables to consider here. Starting off with cheating in the tournaments, this has spurred a debate that split the community apart. Soon after, it followed through with accusations about the World Champion Bugha. The matter blew out of proportion and Bugha landed himself in a bad spot with Epic Games.

Here is what happened – Bugha was accused of match-fixing, and collusion. As accusations go, this is of the highest order and Epic does not tolerate this. Whether you are the world champ or a normal player – fixing tourneys is illegal. Bugha did not take to it too well and started expressing himself, quite vocally.

He took to Twitter with the screenshot that said that he has received a warning. It was the same for his buddy OwlFN, who was accused of colluding with Bugha during this tourney. 

Fortnite World Champion Mistreated By Epic Games

The community is negatively polarized towards Bugha right now because of all the evidence. Bugha is a prominent face of the game, and him being accused of cheating speaks more about Epic’s mismanagement.

Now, to breakdown the video evidence that has been shown by Fortnite Moments.

From the start, we see that Bugha launches himself and hits OwlFN, right on the mark. Then we see Bugha rotating and going towards the zone. Here is where the accusations start. Many are saying that Bugha did this on purpose, proving that Bugha knew Owl’s skin. 

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Pros claim that they were wrongfully banned

Speaking for himself, Owl claims, “I made my own decision to jump into the box. I was not pressured or did it because Bugha told me to.”

Owl took to twitter himself with video evidence proving their innocence. Bugha also exclaimed how this had besmirched his image as an eSports player, let alone champion. NA East is quite a competitive server, and everyone is familiar with each other’s positioning.  

So what does this warning mean for Bugha and Owl? With respect to their image, this is quite disturbing. However, what matters most here is the competitive integrity of FNCS. If the world champion is going to be accused, then surely nobody is safe.

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