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Fortnite: Cars Limited Time Mode Date Leaked

Fortnite: Cars Limited Time Mode Date Leaked

Fortnite battle royale leaks are always intriguing. Especially in season 3, where content is abundant, leaks inform us what to expect way before its released. However, this time, it is said that the leak is directly from an Epic Games employee. Whether or not that is palpable, the leaks seem pretty hard to ignore. 

Most of it deals with the vehicles that have been recently added in the game. The cars are not functional yet but this leak suggests all the details, including the release date for the limited time mode wherein you can drive the cars. It also talks about another game mode, which might be added pretty soon. 

Fortnite vehicles release date leaked

Hypex tweeted: “That email was a throwaway and i can’t contact them anymore, they gave release dates of ALREADY leaked skins, and they refused to give me anything else.. this is the last time i’m addressing this because people are making seem like a crime scene and its cringe.” 

Thanks to Fortnite content creator Happy Power, we got an insightful video about these leaks.

These are the things we got to know from the leak. Each game can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 drivable cars spawned in a battle royale lobby. Epic Games can go ahead and change all this at any time. There were game files with the description of Chrome “Race” LTM. 

The racing info comes from the string which was found. Destroying each other’s cars and winning any way possible makes this LTM one of the most anticipated ones. However, judging by the nature of the leaks, it seems like Epic has been planning this for a while now. 

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Released date, and details on cars

We learned that the Cars event would start on July 21st. The details about the fuel icon include the animation, which will be used for refueling. The water level is decreasing gradually, and the map will soon be different. Thus, this time period is actually prepping us up for the event.

Firemonkey also made some tweets about the type of cars. Looking at all this leaked information, it seems like it won’t be far where racing cars will be available in the game. Including the easy mobility in battle royale due to map changes, season 3 is off to a brilliant direction. We can only hope that Epic will not change much about these leaks, but nothing is certain as of yet. 

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