Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 : Tricks That are Definitely Worth Trying

September 13, 2020 12:38 pm

Season 4 of Chapter 2 in Fortnite started on August 27. It is a Marvel-based season. There are a lot of cool things that you can do in the game besides just playing.  The map and characters are filled with places and abilities respectively. There is a lot of stuff to explore. Do not miss the following tricks in the game.

Top5Gaming posted a video about 15 popular myths that you can bust in this season :



Get Golden Gun Ability as Mystique in Fortnite

Mystique has the ability to disguise herself as the last player she killed. However, if you kill Golden Midas as Mystique, you can not only get the Golden Midas skin, but you also get access to the Golden gun skins.

Can you Rocket Ride Dr. Doom’s Arcane Gauntlet ?

Trying to rocket ride everything is a tradition in Fortnite. Players successfully rocket rode Flare guns and mini shields. In season 4, expand this list with Dr.  Doom’s Acane Gauntlet. However, you will have to try very hard for this trick to happen.

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Use Rifts for your Advantage in Fortnite

With the return of Rifts this season, you can lure Henchmen and Stark Robots into these rifts and they will elevate and fall slowly back to the ground without any taking any fall damage.

You can also carry your down- teammates through these rifts and find a safe place for them.

Stark Robots fight against the Doom Henchmen

You can hack Stark Robots and make them join your team. After joining your team, they help you in fighting against Doom Henchmen. You can let the bots fight and enjoy with some popcorn.

Iron Man’s Repulsors and Gauntlet come with Amazing Tricks

You can use Iron Man’s repulsors for fishing inside the game and create a fishing hole. However, with the fishing nerf, do not expect a lot of loot from this trick.

If you combo Iron man’s gauntlet with crashing pads, you can literally fly for a very huge distance. All you need to do is float down on the crash pad with the gauntlets.  Definitely worth a try!

Try to Boogie Bomb Groot’s Ball and Silver Surfer’s Board

You can actually push people out of their cars and choppers by simply Boogey-bombing them. Also,  you can try this on mythic items like Groot’s Ball and Silver Surfer’s Boar. For the Groot Ball, players just get out of it and start dancing. For the board, players directly fall out of it.

With all these amazing tricks, Epic Games have tried to make this Marvel-based season their best so far. With the return of Rifts and Port a Fort, we can also cherish our memories from the past Fortnite seasons.

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