Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Has Hidden Rewards; Here’s How to Find Them

December 6, 2020 3:13 pm

Epic Games loves to tuck away rewards in Fortnite. With the theme of Chapter 2 Season 5 being the Hunt, it is only fair if the developers also send players chasing free rewards. Keeping in line with that, the new season is full of rewards, ranging from skin upgrades to accessories and cosmetics.

YouTube channel Coldside compiled all the free rewards currently available in the game, adding a quick guide on how to get most of these. Some are available to all and a few are exclusive rewards that might disappoint many.

PlayStation 5 players can get a free armor look for Kratos in Fortnite

It appears that Epic has chosen sides in the new-gen console battle. It has introduced a golden armor look to the Kratos skin, which recently came to the battle royale game. While even the PlayStation players will have to buy the base skin, they can upgrade to a much better-looking version by completing a simple mission. All they have to do is play a game on the PS5 and they will unlock the upgrade.

With regards to Epic style quests, while the menu only shows styles for the character skin, if players complete all the quests they can also unlock different styles for the back bling, pickaxe, and the glider.

Moreover, for those who haven’t won a single game yet this season, a sweet reward is waiting for them. A win will reward players with the ‘Bounty-brella’, a cool-looking glider with a golden base and purple highlights.

In another crossover, Epic might soon add the Halo skin set in the game. Data miners have reported that files of these skins have appeared in the game. This has also given the first high-res image of the character’s skin. There might also be an Xbox exclusive upgrade to tip the scales.

Fish, NPCs and rewards

If players are struggling to finish their fish collection, the wait has been cut shorter. Here is an image of the Fortnite map highlighting where players can catch some of the uncommon fishes. One might need a pro fishing rod for a few of these.

There is also a map for all the NPCs that Epic has added as a part of the hunt. These NPCs do not spawn randomly and have very specific locations. They also help complete a lot of quests and give bounties to players. However, finding one can get tough at times. To help with that, here is a map with all the NPC locations.

There are a few other hidden rewards that players can look for in the video. Players expect the Season 5 of this chapter to be just as big as last season’s Marvel crossover. One can expect equally big rewards in the upcoming weeks.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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