Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: Where to find all the Bosses and Exotic Weapons

December 4, 2020 8:23 pm

Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite started with a bang (quite literally), as Iron Man’s plan to blow up Galactus worked perfectly. However, the entire event disrupted reality as Agent Jonesy is now on a mission to fix the Zero Point to save his reality. Still, there’s a lot more to the game’s story than what meets the eye.

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The new season introduced its own set of exciting challenges, character skins, and bosses. The most notable addition amongst this is the Disney crossover with The Mandalorian. Clearly, the game has a lot more to offer and this collaboration just makes it even more exciting.

Boss locations in Fortnite Season 5

First up is the location of the Mandalorian Boss. Players can find this boss at the bottom right of Colossal Coliseum, right where the desert meets the land and the water. The Mandalorian himself will be waiting there near a crashed spaceship, waiting to be defeated.

Once he is defeated, he drops his mythic Jetpack and Amban Sniper Rifle. Both these weapons prove to be great additions to a player’s arsenal. In addition to delivering long-range attacks, the Amban sniper also acts as a great melee weapon and takes out opponents with east at close range as well.

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The next boss location is at the building towards the right of Slurpy Swamp. The boss battle is against Ruckus, who will drop a legendary Heavy Assault Rifle.

Exotic Weapons in Chapter 2 Season 5

Moving forward, the players can now get the exotic Storm Scout weapon. This weapon is located at the Hunter’s Haven, where players will have to fend off a few IO guards before acquiring this gun. Once done, a building will reveal the NPC LEXA who sells the gun for a certain amount of resources. This is yet another ranged sniper rifle with 85 damage.

The next exotic weapon is located at Dirty Docks. An NPC named Reese sells this weapon, which is called the Shadow Tracker. This is a ranged weapon with considerably lower damage. However, its stability and rapid-fire ability make it a deadly gun to possess.

Another exotic weapon can be acquired on the small island to the right of Stealthy Stronghold. The NPC named Splode sells the Boom Sniper Rifle, which deals 70 damage.

The next exotic weapon is sold by an NPC named Dummy who is located to the west of Dirty Docks in a car scrapyard. He sells The Dub which is an exotic shotgun and is a lethal weapon for close-quarters combat. However, shooting this weapon can be tricky considering it pushes the wielder back after a shot. This is not some weapon you would want to use in a box-fight considering there are chances you may fall down.

The last exotic weapon can be found at The Butter Barn building near the Zero Point. The NPC Mancake sells the Night Hawk exotic pistol, which is a ranged weapon dealing 44 damage. The best part about this weapon is that it is a scoped pistol with a thermal scope. It is ideal for both close-range and long-range situations. Take a look at the video by YouTuber ‘Perfect Score’ to know the precise locations of these weapons and bosses.

These are all the bosses and exotic weapons available in the Fortnite Season 5 update so far. Stay tuned for further updates.

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