Fortnite: Complete These Tasks Before Chapter 2 Season 7 Arrives

Published 06/02/2021, 6:22 AM EDT

Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite is right around the corner. As per rumors, the island will witness alien invasions and UFOs in the upcoming week.


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However, before getting too excited about the new season, players must complete certain tasks to make the most out of Chapter 2 Season 6. These include leveling up the Battle Pass, completing The Spire questline, and using the bars before the reset.

Unlock the Agent Jones’ Jump Style in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6


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To say the least, this season’s Battle Pass is a delight for the players. There are a plethora of unlockable styles and outfits, alongside quests and other cosmetic items, and Epic Games talked about them in a recent blog. 


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One such questline is the Anomaly. By completing every Anomaly quest, one can unlock all Agent Jones’ jump styles. Just search for a glowing rift near the location mentioned in the quest and follow the steps to complete it.

Another great incentive to extensively level up the Battle Pass is the Super Level Styles. If you exceed level 100, you can unlock one of the exclusive Super Level Style outfit of Tarana, Raz, or the Spire Assassin.

Super Level Styles further comprise three unique variants; Chromium, Runic and Golden.

Here are the Battle Pass levels at which you’ll be able to access some of the most outstanding Chapter 2 Season 6 skins:

  • Tarana: Level 110
  • Raz: Level 130
  • Spire Assassin: Level 150
  • Tarana: Level 160
  •  Raz: Level 180
  • Spire Assassin: Level 200
  • Tarana: Level 205
  • Raz: Level 215
  • Spire Assassin: Level 225

Lastly, you can complete The Spire quests to unlock the Glyph Master style.

Spend your Bars before they reset in Chapter 2 Season 7

Just like the previous season, Bars will reset with the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 7. Players who’ve been collecting this currency for buying the best Exotics and upgrading weapons should definitely spend it without a second thought now.

To make things better, the fourth Wild Week will also grant huge discounts, and this is the ideal time to use the Bars.


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Collections and Legacies are a great way for one to brag about their game sense and experience. Before Chapter 2 Season 6 ends, make sure to complete your Fishing Collection Book, and meet every NPC on the island.

It is safe to assume that Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite will come with a ton of new content. Up till then, you can complete the aforementioned tasks and be fully prepared for the upcoming challenges and Battle Pass.


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