Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: All the Alien Artifact Locations in Week 2

Published 06/16/2021, 6:35 AM EDT

With Chapter 2 Season 7, there have been some massive changes in the meta of Fortnite. These include Alien Artifacts, that players must collect to customize this season’s alien character named Kymera.


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It comes as no surprise that Alien Artifacts are hard to find. Every week, the developers will release these items in new locations, and it will be a fun activity for the community to spot them.

Here’s a guide to find all the Alien Artifacts in week 2 of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite.


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New Alien Artifacts locations in Fortnite

The first artifact is in the western-most corner of the map. You must go west from Believer Beach and reach the satellite. A prominent nearby landmark is the IO guard base that arrived in this season.

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You must go south from Corny Complex, and follow the road down to reach the center of the entire map. There’s a bridge to the east of the map’s center, and the Alien Artifact is underneath it.

This Alien Artifact is near one of the guardian towers in Pleasant Park. Go north from the POI, and find the white building. The item is placed just below the stairs.

Land on Retail Row and then move north with the help of the zipline. The artifact is near one of the pools, and another viable strategy can be to land at Dirty Docks and then climb the hill with the pools.

The last Alien Artifact is on the small island located north of Misty Meadows. Just like the one in Pleasant Park, this artifact is in the white building near the guardian tower. You can also land at Lazy Lake and reach the destination with the help of the waterfall.

YouTuber InTheLittleWood talked about the Week 2 Alien Artifact locations in a recent video.

As aforementioned, the locations of the Alien Artifacts will be changing throughout Chapter 2 Season 7. Hence, you must collect them every week before the new ones arrive.


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Naturally, the Fortnite community has been heavily customizing Kymera lately. Players have been collecting Alien Artifacts and unlocking their favorite themes to build the outfit.

Which other outfits in Fortnite should have such a wide range of customization features like Kymera? Let us know in the comments section below.


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