Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Glitch Lets Players Enter the Mothership UFO

Published 06/13/2021, 5:18 AM EDT

Fortnite looks better than ever since the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 7. The island is full of futuristic vehicles, and players are taking on each other with futuristic weapons.


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Alongside the several new POIs, a giant UFO is also visible on the Fortnite island. Naturally, many were curious if there’s a way to actually enter this gigantic vehicle and explore it. Despite building the tallest possible structures, they couldn’t reach the Mothership UFO.

Luckily, a glitch can help the players enter the Mothership UFO in Fortnite. Even though it’s a long process, it’s definitely worth the effort.


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Use the mini UFOs in Fortnite to enter the Mothership UFO

As aforementioned, the island currently comprises a plethora of mini UFOs. These brand-new vehicles are so overpowered that Epic Games has already removed them from competitive games.

With the help of the mini UFOs, you must reach the spawn island to check if the vehicle can pass invisible barriers. If your UFO reaches the spawn island, it will also move past the maximum height limit, which is not passable by structures.


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To enter the Mothership UFO, you first have to build the tallest structure possible. Then, fly a UFO above this structure, and jump from it. As you land on the structure, shoot the UFO down. When the vehicle crashes downwards, stand beneath it, and it should launch you upwards.

YouTuber Ali-A tried the aforementioned trick several times but failed initially. He made some major adjustments, which were as follows:

  • Set the gravity to Asteroid mode from settings.
  • Shoot down the mini UFO directly under the center of the Mothership UFO.

If this glitch doesn’t work for you even after making the adjustments, try flying the mini UFO directly towards the Mothership. Before reaching the top, switch to FPP mode and change your camera angle. After many tries, Ali-A was able to enter the Mothership with this glitch.

Role of the Mothership in Chapter 2 Season 7


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It is safe to assume that the Mothership UFO will play a very important role during Chapter 2 Season 7. As per Ali-A, the numerous portals in the Mothership will start opening in the near future. Leaks have even suggested that these portals will suck players inside.

This is just the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite, and there’s certainly a ton of new content to come. Up till then, players can try such glitches and lighten up their mood.


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