Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: How and Where to Find Alien Artifacts and Unlock All Kymera Styles

Published 06/09/2021, 6:09 AM EDT

Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite is finally here, and it won’t be an overstatement that it has surprised players around the world. From Rick and Morty to Superman, a wide range of unexpected outfits are a part of this season’s Battle Pass.


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One such unique outfit is Kymera. It is available at Tier 1 of the Battle Pass, but there are many styles that one can further unlock. However, these styles require Alien Artifacts, which are spread across the island.

Here’s a quick guide to farm these Alien Artifacts and eventually, stylize Kymera.


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Best Alien Artifacts locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Currently, there are two reliable sources to collect Alien Artifacts from the island, permanent locations and Cosmic Chests.

There are five locations that contain four artifacts:

  • Believer Beach
  • Welping Woods
  • Catty Corner
  • Central infected area of the map
  • Woods between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks

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It is safe to assume that Epic Games will add more such locations to the map in the near future. As for now, collecting the four artifacts from these places will exhaust them permanently.

Another source to collect Alien Artifacts are the Cosmic Chests. Even though they are harder to find, these chests offer an indefinite supply of the artifacts. Moreover, they are only available in Duos, Trios and Squads.

The Cosmic Chests can drop up to 5 Alien Artifacts alongside bonus XP, loot, and Gold Bars after breaking. Players who’ve been extremely lucky even got 9 Alien Artifacts from a single chest.

The best way to farm Alien Artifacts is to constantly play duos with a friend. Land near Steamy Stacks that has a guaranteed UFO spawn. Take this vehicle and look for random chests spread around the area. It is worth nothing that a team can only access one chest per match.

How to customize Kymera

Kymera is undoubtedly a great outfit, thanks to its wide range of customization options. From head and skin to armor and eyes, almost all the aspects of the outfit are customizable.

Every customization category has seven unique options, including the default style. You will require 45 artifacts to unlock every style in a single category, and 360 artifacts to further complete all eight categories.


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YouTuber Its Shatter talked about collecting Alien Artifacts in a recent video.

Alien Artifacts are certainly an interesting mechanic introduced to Fortnite with Chapter 2 Season 7. As for now, it is unknown if there’s a daily limit on collecting them through Cosmic Chests, and the developers are expected to clear such doubts soon.


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