Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: SypherPK Reveals the Best Weapon in the Game

Published 06/19/2021, 7:47 AM EDT

Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite has been out for quite some time now. Based on the community’s feedback, Epic Games has already removed UFOs, the Rail Gun, and the Recon Scanner from competitive playlists.


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Following such massive changes in the arsenal, prominent streamer SypherPK believes that the Rapid Fire SMG has become the strongest weapon in Fortnite.

Why is the Rapid Fire SMG the best weapon in Fortnite?


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The Rapid Fire SMG has been a part of Fortnite for a long time. It has always been a reliable alternative, but never seemed good enough to be called the best.


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In Chapter 2 Season 7, the Rapid Fire SMG boasts one of the highest fire rates among all the other weapons. Moreover, it can shoot through buildings which leaves the opponents defenseless. The purple and gold variants of the Rapid Fire SMG provide four extra bullets, which is a huge upgrade.

Lastly, the P90 takes just 1.32 seconds to reload, which is yet again the fastest in the game. Hence, players don’t have to worry about the short magazine that just contains 20-24 bullets.

The Kymera SMG is the only weapon in Fortnite that has a higher fast rate in Fortnite than the Rapid Fire SMG. However, it does minimal damage to build, and this is the area where the Rapid Fire SMG takes the lead.

Pro players and veterans like SypherPK can easily dominate the lobbies with the Rapid Fire SMG because mastering the weapon only requires good aim. Naturally, there isn’t much scope of missing shots when the entire magazine finishes in just 2-3 seconds.

Here’s SypherPK talking about the Gold Rapid Fire SMG in a recent video.

The Rapid Fire SMG is also the rarest weapon

Epic Games certainly realizes the potential of the gold variant of the Rapid Fire SMG. Accordingly, it can be rarely obtained from the loot, and upgrading the lower variants to gold requires a massive amount of gold.


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Even though the blue and green variants are decent, SypherPK recommends that one should try to equip the purple and gold variants.

Popular Fortnite duo x2Twins recently created a video on the rarest loadout in Fortnite. It comes as no surprise that the Gold Rapid Fire SMG made that list too.

Have you been playing with the Rapid Fire SMG in Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below.


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