The Chapter 2 Season 6 FNCS is right around the corner, and Fortnite is making a bunch of changes in the rules for competitive games. Even though a majority of pro players had severely criticized the season when it released, they are now grinding harder than ever.

The latest amendment in Fortnite’s competitive rules is regarding player pawns. Even if a player leaves a match, their pawn stays. This helps the opponents in shaking down the AFK player and know the locations of their teammates.

Soon after this announcement, competitive players around the world have come forward with similar demands. One of the most prominent requests on this list is a reconnect feature.


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Is bringing a reconnect feature impossible in Fortnite?

The highly anticipated reconnect feature in Fortnite is simple. If a player accidentally leaves a game, the servers should allow them to re-enter. Many claim that such a feature cannot be implemented in Battle Royales, as it can lead to confusions regarding the spawn locations of returning players.

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In contrast, others believe Epic Games can use the same player pawn method to bring a reconnect feature. If a player unintentionally disconnects from a game, their in-game model should remain in the same place. Accordingly, if they return in time, they should be able to continue the match.

A post on r/FortniteCompetitive talked about the need of reconnect feature in Fortnite.

Other Battle Royale titles like Apex Legends already have a reconnect feature. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fortnite listens to the community and treads the same path.

Players disappointed with the shakedown feature in competitive games

The latest change regarding player pawns of AFK players in competitive games has sparked another debate. While a majority seemed happy with the update, others have started criticizing the addition of shakedowns in competitive games altogether.


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The critics of shakedowns in competitive games think that sacrificing a single player to save the rest of the team is a viable strategy. While the feature works brilliantly in public matches or arena, it ruins the spirit of professional games.

The tactic also works great when two players in a team need to flank urgently. In a situation like this, they can leave behind a member as a bait and can risk their live for a higher reward. Unfortunately, all these moves become useless in the presence of shakedown.


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Which side of the debate are you on? Let us know in the comments down below.

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