Fortnite Community Reacts to the Latest Lever Action Shotgun

January 16, 2021 1:03 am

With the latest 15.20 update, Fortnite introduced a new gun named the Lever Action Shotgun. While a majority of players wanted the developers to unvault the Pump Shotgun, it seems like Epic Games granted their wish rather uniquely.

The Lever Action boasts of explosive damage, a decent fire rate, a widespread and a long reload time. To say the least, it brings back the memories of using the Pump Shotgun. Naturally, players around the world are extensively trying out the weapon and simultaneously testing its limits. This not only includes the casual user-base, but also a plethora of professional players and streamers.

Here is how several players from the community have reacted to the Lever Action Shotgun.

One of the oldest players in the Fortnite community, Nick Eh 30, feels that the Lever Action Shotgun should have a better equip time. Apparently, the weapon’s equip timing significantly slows down the process of pulling it out and shooting while editing.

FaZe clan’s Replays loved the new shotgun and even released a video playing with it exclusively.

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Just like millions of other players, FaZe Dubs sees no difference between the latest Lever Action Shotgun and the Pump. As a result, he casually tweeted that the latter is finally back in the game.

A player from the Fortnite community pointed out an interesting observation. They feel that the Lever Action Shotgun is “overpowered” after upgrading. It can comfortably take down opponents with two shots, which helps in clutching against multiple enemies.

How does the latest gun in Fortnite differ from the classic Pump Shotgun?

Epic Games obviously wanted the Lever Action Shotgun to have its own identity and purpose in the game. As a result, it kept several differences between the Lever Action Shotgun and the classic Pump Shotgun. While these differences may not be prominent at first glance, their severe impact on the combat is evident upon closer inspection.

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Owing to its better spread and longer range, the Pump Shotgun was a superior weapon than the Lever Action. It also had a 2x headshot multiplier, whereas the latest Shotgun restricts this to 1.45x. Pump Shotgun had incentivized the players to target for headshots constantly, but from the looks of it, the Lever Action Shotgun might not influence the meta similarly.

Which gun do you think takes away the title of the best ever shotgun in Fortnite?

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