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Fortnite: Doomsday With Ninja And SypherPK

Fortnite: Doomsday With Ninja And SypherPK

Recently Fortnite hosted the Doomsday Event, which revealed a lot of things before Season 3 kicked off. Every popular streamer was giving on their channels. 

Most of the information that came out was surprising. However, a few things were speculated beforehand. Ninja tweeted one of the things which are going to strike us with a surprise from below.

The Doomsday event was perhaps the biggest one as of yet. Over 12M players were concurrently present in the game, while over 8M watched on Twitch and YouTube. All in all, Season 2 showed us what Fortnite could do in terms of viewership. Epic also tweeted, “As we push the edge of what live-events can be, we’re improving systems so more of you can experience them in-game.” 

The other things which we learned along with 20M others are that season 3 will perhaps be worth the wait.

Ninja show us Aquaman will be the next big thing in Fortnite

Aquaman, one of the premier DC Heroes, will be featured on Fortnite. The skin would definitely be one of the most awaited ones in the game. Ninja revealed it in one of his tweets. We already knew a lot about the flood; we also knew that it would start at the Agency.  

SypherPK once theorized that the flood would perhaps be a hindrance unless the dynamics are changed. For example, how will the building work? Will there be traps with the underwater thing? There are several questions that are boggling us with what we have seen.

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Epic Games have some brilliant things planned for us

Midas is an essential character who is going to change things. His battle with shadows and ghosts will center the entire Fortnite plotline. Ninja was goofing around with Sypher about how Midas would talk to Nickmercs. We also saw one player who had a glitch, which revealed the fact that the game might receive an fps mode. While that excites us, it also leaves us with several questions.

For instance, will it be available for the mobile phone version? Will it also be a playable mode in the main game? However, the main issue remains: how will those dynamics work be introduced in the main game? For now the best we can do is that wait patiently until Season 3 is here. 

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