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Fortnite: Epic Announces Major News for Competitive Players and Creators

Fortnite: Epic Announces Major News for Competitive Players and Creators

Fortnite battle royale season 3 had previously been criticized by competitive players for several reasons. Recently, Epic also came up with a new set of rules to moderate cheats and scams with respect to content creators. With all this going on, what we can see that Epic is taking measures into their own hands.

These new rules and regulations given by Epic will be enforcing playerswith Support-A-Creator initiative – shaping up the future of Fortnite content. Epic Games is trying their best to make the game a safer interactive space. Their recent tweet spoke about the competitive side of the game. 

Epic delineated competitive payments for pro players. The delay was primarily because of the DreamHack Anaheim event. They also mentioned that the other reason for this delay was “overpayment of prizes for some winners of online cups due to a clerical error.” Now that things have been solved, they are back on track with the competitive side of things.

Epic updates creator and competitive prizes on Fortnite 

The competitive prize money issue was lingered on for a while and the professional players did mention this several times. It was great of Epic to come in with an apology for the entire fiasco. It is that kind of responsible behavior that makes a company stand out from others. 

Now moving on to the Support-A-Creator initiative, Epic revealed a lot of things.

All payments have recently transitioned to a new system using Tax Identity and HyperWallet to handle validating Creators’ identities and managing payouts.” 

They also provided a list of frequently occurring issues. Minors need to have proper parental consent, payment methods need to be cross-checked before processing, and other issues with HyperWallet. They also provided a tutorial video about how to get sorted with HyperWallet.

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The future that Epic is aiming at

With all these recent changes and updates, there is a clear perspective towards which Epic is driving the community. They were quite straightforward with their statements and did mention the fact that “(they) We take violations of the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct seriously.” 

Thus, it is clear to us now that they are making a clean and fraud-free ecosystem for the community. Competitive, as well as content perspectives, are going in the right direction. What other changes do you think Epic needs to implement to make Fortnite a better place?

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