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Fortnite Future Changes Being Driven By An Internet Influencer

Fortnite Future Changes Being Driven By An Internet Influencer

Fortnite implemented some recent changes in the game, solving most problems. Most of these problems included stuff like server lags, controller aim-assist issues, OP guns, etc. The complex issues digging, like teaming up and cheating need more in-depth. Fortnite has taken care of almost everything. 

As far as open communication goes, several streamers and pro players complained that clarity needs to exist. Subsequently, Epic made it a point to reach out to almost everyone. They heard everything the community said. While most of the credit goes to various content creators, one stands on top of the list. 

SypherPK led the charge with a lot of insight. Making videos speaking about pertinent topics. Mentioning all the changes that Fortnite needs. Incidentally, the game had recently overseen a steady decline. Moreover, now it looks like they are on a mission to redeem themselves. Sypher’s comprehensive videos explained almost everything that a gamer needs to communicate. 

Fortnite Changes Influenced By SypherPK

We have all seen how he gets down to the nitty-gritty of things. Also, SypherPK delivers every minute detail which others miss. In one of his videos, he mentioned that open communication is necessary between Epic and the players. He also noted that as a fan of the game that everyone understands the COVID situation. A genuine and straightforward assurance from Epic would be enough. 

Furthermore, Sypher complained that the game was not fun anymore. Fortnite took care of that too with Party Royale.

All the issues he mentioned, from SBMM to OP guns, everything got taken care of. Dakotas updated a tweet thanking Sypher for his contribution. Recently, Epic removed SBMM from the squads’ mode. 

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Influencers Community Opinion Is Key 

By now, Epic Games is showing that they care about what the community has to say. They are trying their best to bring back Fortnite to its former glory. Improving and addressing opinions is just the beginning. 

Ninja, Sypher, Bugha, Bizzle, Tfue, almost everyone suggested changes about aim-assist, OP guns, SBMM. Epic Games know that without their insight, it gets impossible to find out every problem. Clearly, these influencers are doing a tremendous job. The game only gets better when devs address all these problems. 

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