Fortnite Gets Another Major Update in Just One Week

Published 09/21/2020, 1:07 PM EDT

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Fortnite received a major update just a week ago, and Epic has already announced another one. Patch 14.20 will come to the game soon and it is going to be a big one. There are at least a dozen changes that this update will bring to the game, including new bosses, new map locations, new mythic weapons, new skins, and much more.

YouTuber Coldside has compiled all these leaks and details into one video.

Fortnite Halloween updates


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As the festive season is just around the corner, it’s time for Fortnite’s yearly Halloween event, ‘Fortnightmare’. Epic has already started including decor changes such as webs and spooky photos. There is also a new section in the shop dedicated to ‘Spooky Skins’. In the future, these might also include the OG Skulltrooper skins.

Not directly related to the event but to the Halloween theme would be the arrival of a Gamestop exclusive skin. Last year, it was the Merry Mint Pickeaxe, but there aren’t any details about what might come out this year.


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Miscellaneous Fortnite updates

Firstly, there are rumors that Epic might upgrade the battle bus. The blueprint for the same is available on a whiteboard in Stark Industries. Additionally, the bus might run on the reactor prototype.

Secondly, ‘Risky Reels’ will be converted into ‘Risky Cafe’. This might happen at any time, without any prior announcement.

Thirdly, since Rocket League is now going to be free-to-play on all platforms, players can redeem a free reward that will be a part of the Rocket League-Fortnite collaboration.

Next up, Wolverine will make an appearance as a mythic boss in the Battle Royale mode. After the conclusion of the event, Wolverine’s skin will be available for players to use.

The game files also include information about the mega bundle and the annual battle pass. The mega bundle could last a whole year with tons of rewards. However, Epic has denied any plans of launching it.

The new update will also fix a host of bugs reported by the community.

Week 5

The update will also introduce Week 5 of the fourth Chapter. This is a list of challenges that’ll be available in week 5. The reward for completing these challenges is a Wolverine Glider.

Week 5 will also accompany the addition of new Limited Time Modes, which could be similar to the Storm King mode from Halloween last year.

Moreover, there is a good chance that Epic will finally add either a Black Panther or a Venom skin in the game. The files of both these skins have been in the game since the start of the season. However, given the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played Black Panther in the movies, this would be a fitting tribute.


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Other minor updates

The helicarrier over the map is finally going to move and reach a location named ‘Authority’. There are no further details about this except for the change in location. Another update would be the arrival of a Fortnite birthday skin that is present in the game files.

There are also possibilities of a Sif and a Ghost-Rider skin coming to the game. And finally, Epic is going to fix the bug that allowed players to go AFK in creative mode and rack up XP.


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The patch is going to have a lot of interesting events and skins with minor bug fixes to make the game better.

Epic and Apple recently got into a legal battle. Therefore, starting October, Save the World mode will not be available on Mac. Anyone who has made in-game purchases on the Mac will get refunds within a day or two.


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