Fortnite: How Bugha Met Avery Thanks to Tfue

July 5, 2020 9:37 pm

Watching chilled out streams has become a hobby for a lot of people out there. The reason why streaming has already become a form of entertainment is that watching a stream by your favorite pro player does not just help you learn from them but also makes you feel connected to them as a fan. More so with the pandemic hiring our planet. Streams are not just about exhibiting the grind anymore. Streamers are on the same league as content creators and entertainers, albeit with a genre of their own. Recently Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf narrated a funny incident on his stream about how he first met the Canadian Fortnite pro and FNCS Champ Avery.

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How I met your Fortnite teammate: Tfue’s plan backfires

So there was this one test event on Fortnite where there were around 8 pros competing for the first place, including Bugha, Avery, and Tfue.

According to the rules of this event, they were not allowed to team up. But Tfue asked Avery to team up and made a group on Discord so that nobody finds that out. To keep it really subtle, they even chose two pretty faraway positions on the map.

Now, Tfue had originally planned on taming up on Bugha along with Avery. Unfortunately, the plan ended up being a colossal failure in the most hilarious way. Tfue had told Avery whom to target but did not mention Bugha’s skin, or his own skin. And it so happened that Avery ended up eliminating Tfue instead. It goes without saying that Tfue got really mad at this and even went on to drop Avery from his trio team.

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Streams have now become a platform for expressing

These little incidents go on to prove the point stated before: streams are not just about the grind, it is about getting the fans to connect with their favorite players. But streams have come a long way to become a platform in itself.

Many streamers have made their streams into a platform where they can voice their opinions and get their word across. Yes, all the seriousness regarding eSports as a profession does give rise to toxicity now and then because of the high stakes. But on the other hand, we also have instances of players just chilling and having fun with their game. And frankly, the latter feels good.

Samyarup Chowdhury

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