Fortnite: How to Win Grefg’s ‘Floor is Lava’ Tournament and Unlock the Skin For Free

January 13, 2021 4:29 pm

Epic Games recently announced that the latest icon to get his own Fortnite skin is popular YouTuber TheGrefg. Following Ninja, Loserfruit, and Lachlan, the developer has now rewarded the Spanish creator for his consistent efforts towards promoting the game.

Similar to Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy tournament, players around the world can take part in Grefg’s Floor is Lava tournament and try to unlock his skin for free.

YouTuber Perfect Score talked about the upcoming outfit and the tournament in a recent video:

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“It’s all about going up” if you want to win the upcoming Fortnite tournament

Fortnite’s official blog post claims that Grefg’s Floor is Lava tournament is “all about going up”. You must avoid the rising dangerous lava and simultaneously hit the enemies with whatever you find. Interestingly, eliminating a player will also provide you with their health. Hence, make sure that you focus on evading the lava and eliminating opponents equally.

The following changes in the loot pool make the tournament even more chaotic and fun:

  • Infinite Harpoon Gun and several explosives will replace the traditional weapons.
  • The Infinite Harpoon Gun shall hit players with 1 damage and buildings with 150.
  • Equipping a pickaxe will enhance mobility.

You can test your skills in both squads and solo. Grefg’s Floor is Lava tournament for squads will take place on January 14, and the solos on January 15. Even if you fail to get the desired rewards through these tournaments, TheGrefg’s set will arrive in the Item Shop individually and as a part of  TheGrefg Bundle on Saturday, January 16, at 7PM ET.

Image Credit- Epic Games

Skins and items in TheGrefg’s set

TheGrefg’s skin in Fortnite is a reactive outfit. Fans can turn the outfit red and electrify it to have the best experience while playing as their favorite creator.

TheGrefg’s set comprises the following:

  • TheGrefg Outfit
  • A controller-inspired Staff of Control Pickaxe.
  • Orb-composed Balls of Power Back Bling.
  • The Controller Crew Emote.

Here’s the Controller Crew emote in action, uploaded on Fortnite’s official YouTube channel;

To say the least, this is a perfect gift for Grefg and his fans. Despite being a Spanish creator, he has risen to prominence and built a vast audience across the world.

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Who do you think will be the next Fortnite icon to get their own skin?

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