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“Fortnite is not a competitive game.” – TFue Makes Shocking Claims About Fortnite

“Fortnite is not a competitive game.” – TFue Makes Shocking Claims About Fortnite

Fortnite battle royale is most definitely the most popular video game in the world. Although it has several complaints against it, it still holds a special place for us. Recently, Epic Games tried their best to answer all these complaints with an update (v12.50). Most of the issues addressed had an immediate impact on the gameplay. Thus, restoring both our faith in the game, as well as our undivided interest.

While several pro players like Ninja, SypherPK, Bugha, Bizzle, Clix, etc. have complained about how the competitive nature of the game is overbearing. Controversial streamer, Tfue, feels like Fortnite Competitive is a joke. His view on the point is rather personal since he has seen disappointing days in Fortnite. Most of that is due to the game being unfair to him. Skill-wise, Tfue is one of the best in the world, so his point does hold water here. 

“Fortnite is not a competitive game.” 

On his stream, Tfue said the other day that he doesn’t think Fornite falls under the competitive category. This does come as a shock, especially from a player who spent his last couple of years grinding the game. “It’s not an eSport.“, however, this statement kind of sounded a bit too far-fetched. Tfue recently bagged up the first prize in Twitch Rivals Fortnite. So why is he so harsh on the game is the question?

Most pro-gamers/streamers face the worst issues in-game simply because they spend more hours practicing it. From stream-sniping to teaming up, to even controller players on a PC. The pro’s face all the issues that we don’t. While competitive Fortnite is a concept which no one can deny, there are no permanent leagues for Fornite. So the eSport scene might not be as bright as it is with other games. Tfue might have had a point with proper articulation. 

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“It is not close to even being titled.” 

Tfue feels that any player that thinks they are competitive Fortnite players are living in fantasy land. Twitch is one of the critical reasons behind Fortnite’s popularity, and we have to wait it out and observe. Epic Games always come up with a response for solving things. You never know, a Fortnite league might be in the plans as well.  

We are left to wonder if Tfue was asking for a more competitive platform for Fortnite. Perhaps he is aiming at something different from the FNCS.

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