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“Fortnite is ruined!”- SypherPK Hits Out On Twitch

“Fortnite is ruined!”- SypherPK Hits Out On Twitch

“Fortnite is ruined”, this is what SypherPK had to say about the BR game by Epic Games. On 11th April, SypherPK decided to get some load off his chest by being honest. It is a fact that Fortnite has been degrading for a while now. The things he said on the stream, any gamer (who loves Fortnite) would genuinely agree with him.

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The game has not been what it was even during the last years’ world cup. Ever since then, we have been patiently waiting for Epic Games to do something new with it. By something new, we definitely did not mean Chance The Rapper’s show, but it is a brilliant initiative nonetheless. As a gamer, we want the game to improve, or return to its former glory. SypherPK makes the same points.

“I didn’t qualify for the Worldcup, I got close, but it was fun man.”

SypherPK said that even though he did not qualify for the world cup last year, it did not affect him that much. He said the game was much more happening back then only because of two reasons. “There was a lesson to learn every week”, he further added, that he wanted to improve more on his rotations and tunnelling. As of now, he is quite upset that the feeling of wanting to play more is slowly dying.

Learning from your losses and adapting are the best ways through which a gamer can develop. He says, “now it’s like every death, feels almost cheap, it feels confusing at times, man. It feels like a ripoff.” He mentioned that controller players had evolved substantially. “I gotta be honest, props to the controller players, they have taken over Fortnite”.

Stream Sniping And SBMM Main Reasons For Pros Quitting Fortnite?

“Its never been as bad as it has been right now.” This sentence made us Fortnite lovers chant a silent ‘amen’. Honestly, Fortnite has seen bad days, but not as bad as right now. The pro players, content creators, everyone are upset. There is no communication between developers and pros. The game is supremely competitive even in the non-competitive lists. “If someone thinks aim assist for controllers are too buffed, then they should not divert that frustration to people who are just trying to play the game”.

The sad part about stream sniping is that every time pros try to go for a simple-fun game, they get stream-sniped. Skill-based matchmaking makes it easier to be stream sniped as their lobby are full of decent players. “Stream-sniped fest has thrown off the fun of the game. The game feels like a drag. The content side is ruined on all fronts”.

We can only hope that Epic Games will come up with something to remedy this situation sooner than later.

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