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“Fortnite is still a fun game” – Lazarbeam

“Fortnite is still a fun game” – Lazarbeam

Fortnite, the biggest battle royale game in the modern age, revolutionized the gaming world. Recently, it was not the same as it used to be in its prime. Several pro players raised complaints, and finally, Epic Games came up with a response. The latest v12.50 update fixed a lot of these issues, including nerfing guns and aim-assist for controller players on PC.

Lazarbeam is another Fortnite player, popularly known for its humorous nature. He does have a good sense of humor, not only that, but he has also beaten Ninja at Fortnite. Recently he commented on one of the tweets from Ali-A, about the popularity of Fortnite. While the post was about how Fortnite is doing well due to the new skins and events, Lazar pointed out that Fortnite is still a fun game.

What Does Lazarbeam Have To Say About Fortnite? 

 It is true, the Deadpool, X-Force skins, the Travis Scott live event, all of these hyped-up Fortnite more than ever. It is also a fact that the game did need some major updates, especially when it came to the competitive part of it. From SypherPK to Ninja to Tfue to Bugha, everyone has complained about how the game is losing its fun element. Although, Epic is trying its best to churn out new content even during this lockdown phase. 

What we have to consider is that the new update is delivering all that they promised. Nerfing OP guns like the heavy sniper, as well as reducing the frame rate for PC players using controllers. It is a brilliant way to listen to the community. Adding game modes like Party Royale, to take off the competitive edge will push the game back to its former glory. 

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Lazarbeam Invited For The Latest FNCS

Lazerbeam, also one of the players who received an invitation to play in the May 9th FNCS. Its quite a big deal for him as he updated, “pro players ain’t ready.” We will have to wait and watch how he backs up that talk with his skill. 

As for Fortnite, there was never a shadow of doubt about its popularity, and we hope that this new update will normalize things a bit.

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