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Fortnite Leaked Report Suggests Changes in Squads and Duos

Fortnite Leaked Report Suggests Changes in Squads and Duos

Fortnite, currently the world’s most popular game, never fails to surprise us. As we clearly know, Epic Games have a solution for every problem they face. Moreover, recently, streamers suggested that more communication from Epic would benefit everyone. Finally, Epic made it a point to hear the demands of the community. For those who were worried that the game would die, well, guess again!

With update v12.50 Fortnite fixed almost every problem. Even the minor issues seemed to be taken care of. While most issues with nerfing guns, controllers, and other bugs were resolved, SBMM remained a question. However, Fortnite has come up with the latest variation. Skill-based Matchmaking removed from Squad mode. Although we have to wait and watch for the official confirmation, it is speculated that SBMM will exist in Duos. 

The Star Wars gear was the last official update of the game. Though the news comes as a great surprise, no official word from Epic Games issued yet. The source of the leak raised some questions on Twitter.

SBMM Complain In Fortnite

For a long time, SBMM got some worthy criticism. Ninja, Tfue, and SypherPK were among those who raised their voice about Fortnite becoming more competitive day by day. This is a necessary element in any game. To assess and decide what kind of lobby one will be put in. Of late, skill-based Matchmaking made things unfair in quite a disastrous way.

Several suggested that SBMM needs a tweak. Fortnite tried that, but in vain. While SBMM separates the pros from the noobs, it also ensures fair play. However, this might not be a big issue, as we are sure that some features would exist. Perhaps the repetitive nature of the SBMM seems more like a drag. 

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Never-Ending Cycle For Progress

The concept of SBMM is problematic for only one reason. The entire gaming experience feels like a mountain climb. Initially, one is inexperienced, and they need easier matches for progress. However, everyone gets good fairly quickly in Fortnite’s early levels, so the competitive nature of the game intensifies. The topmost structure in SBMM separates the best from the best, and right now, there are too many. 

While Fortnite’s popularity has reigned supreme over every other Battle Royale game, it came with a steep price. Besides the existing problems, the game has turned competitive because of its popularity. 

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