Fortnite Might Bring Back the Original Chapter 1 Island for Season 5

November 21, 2020 6:33 pm

The Galactus event is just around the corner, and Fortnite fans around the world have sky-scraping expectations from it. It is reportedly going to be the game’s biggest event ever and will change its future.

Up till now, the Marvel-themed Fortnite season has been an astounding success. Along with regular updates, Epic Games has introduced some of the most exciting superhero skins, mythic abilities and POI’s to the game. To say the least, a colossal Galactus event would be the perfect ending to it.

Owing to the unprecedented hype, the Fortnite community cannot resist posting its theories about the event and the next season. This includes a majority of casual players, and popular content creators as well.

Top5Gaming revealed everything they knew about the Galactus event in a recent video:

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How will Tony Stark save the Fortnite island?

Apparently, the huge explosion at the end of Chapter 1 caught Galactus’ eye. As a result, he has been making his way to the island to harness the energy that lies within the Zero Point. However, he will have to face the Marvel superheroes to get his hands on it.

Since several updates, fans have noticed that Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man has been upgrading the Battle Bus constantly. Hence, it is safe to assume that Iron Man’s Battle Bus will play a major role in escaping the wrath of Galactus.

Some theories suggest Galactus might destroy the Helicarrier in the final battle and fans might witness it as a POI in season 5. Also, Top5Gaming believes that the upcoming Fortnite season 5 can cater to several themes, including a Marvel-DC crossover, a return of the original island, among others.

SypherPK has a different theory for the upcoming event and season 5

Being one of the veterans himself, SypherPK has been vocal with his theory regarding the Galactus event. The streamer feels that the Marvel-Fortnite collaboration is far from over and will definitely extend with season 5.

Adding to it, SypherPK believes that Galactus will win the Nexus War this season and that shall lay the foundation for the next season.

From the looks of it, the Galactus event is the most awaited event in the history of Fortnite. Some sources claim that the event’s name will be “The Devourer of Worlds” and its description would read, “Defend the island to save all Reality.

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The countdown for the event will begin soon, and fans can expect to finally catch a glimpse of Galactus on November 28th. What do you think about the upcoming event and the possibilities for season 5?

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