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“Fortnite Might Lose Me”- SypherPK Rues Streaming Issues

“Fortnite Might Lose Me”- SypherPK Rues Streaming Issues

This year has been something of a roller coaster ride. To add to the latter, popular player and streamer SypherPK has revealed that he might eventually consider quitting his claim to fame, Fortnite as a streamer.

Fortnite is touted by many as the best Battle Royale game in existence. The massive fan following the game enjoys has led to many popular players streaming content from the game.

SypherPK is one among the most followed streamers out there. He is also well-known for the tips and tricks he shares. He often collaborates with other big streamers to create content. 

Fortnite – SypherPK to quit streaming?

In his recent Twitch stream, SypherPK addressed why Fortnite could eventually lose him. He stated that it is hard to stream solos every day and that he doesn’t have the right people to create content with.

“I gotta keep it completely real with you guys, Fortnite might eventually lose me as a streamer. I’m telling you man it’s hard to stream solos every day and I just don’t have the right group of people to create the content I want to create with. It’s tough bro, it’s tough”, Sypher said.

Sypher did acknowledge that Epic Games are doing well with the game. However, there has been some crucial factors that make it hard for him to stream.

“It’s just some crucial things that just makes it hard to stream the game. Making content on it is different, making YouTube videos is different, but it’s hard. Extended sessions on the game are becoming more and more difficult.”

The streamer also mentioned Nate Hill and Nick Eh 30 as pretty invested in the game now. Sypher mentions how they are continuously improving their gameplay doing scrims and tournaments. 

He further says that they are the type of people he should be playing with more often. 

“I’m not saying it’s bad that they are focusing. I’m just using them as examples of people I should play with more often. A lot of times, they are already doing trio scrims or playing.”

If SypherPk does decide to call quits on Fortnite, that would be a huge blow. He has been streaming for quite a while now and the loss would clearly hurt the fans. Hopefully, he does not go through with it; his Fortnite fan would miss him so.

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