Fortnite: Mjolnir and Supposed POI from Upcoming Season Leaked

August 24, 2020 11:51 pm

The upcoming season of Fortnite is sure to be an exciting one. Although there is no official news spelling it out, reports suggest that the upcoming season, which kicks off on the 27th of this month, will be Marvel-themed. The official Fortnite Twitter handle has been posting tweets with teasers for it.

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While some characters from the Marvel comics are already available in the game, data miners have revealed some exciting news about we can expect from the new season.

Among other things, the game will also have a Wolverine skin. Along with this, there will be comic book pages spread all across the map. Players can find and collect them.

Moreover, popular Fortnite leaker HYPEX had tweeted that there will be a point of interest on the map which will have something to do with Thor. Thanks to other leakers, FortTory and ShiinaBR, we now know what it will be.

A significant POI from the next season of Fortnite will take you to the first Thor film

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR decrypted Thor’s hammer, which will make an appearance in the new season.

We assume this will be part of a bundle with Thor’s skin and assorted cosmetics. If it turns out to be so, Thor’s hammer might be a pickaxe skin. Well, we can’t imagine anything will be as fun as tearing through the opponent’s walls using the Mjolnir.

Another Fortnite leaker FortTory uncovered what looks like the Thor point of interest. It looks like the crater where Thor’s hammer crashed on earth in the 2011 film ‘Thor.’

While the textures still look incomplete, we are sure this place will look amazing in the game (if it is indeed the Thor POI). But to accommodate this region, Epic will have to make major map changes in the upcoming season.

Fortnite gets map changes with every season, and we are excited for this one. However, keep a lid on your hopes since we do not know for certain yet if we will get a Thor POI.

But we do know that this upcoming season will be an exciting one!

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