Fortnite: Mongraal Makes His Comeback With Tournament Victory

Published 09/25/2020, 1:20 PM EDT

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As predicted before, Kyle Mongraal Jackson has found his way to the top again in Competitive Fortnite. The game had a series of tournaments lined up, which pros from all regions were excited to take part in. 

The Pandora’s Platform Cup was for PC players across all regions. Mongraal secured his 1st Solo Cash Cup win with 127 points. 


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While this comes as a surprise to many, it is an absolute celebration of Mongraal’s skills. He had been taking some time off streaming to practice Fortnite. He also mentioned how he had taken up new keybinds to change his game play. 

FaZe Mongraal makes a comeback with Solo Cash Cup victory in Fortnite

The meta is currently dominated by the mythic weapons, and in this situation, pros are having to adapt quickly to the changes. Numerous pros have expressed how the competitive nature of the game is affected by this shift in dynamics. However, Mongraal was ready since he devoted enough time to practice.

Fans can notice the stark variation in his recent game play videos that were uploaded on YouTube. From speed to accuracy to build combos, Mongraal is now ready to dominate EU with his skills. While there were several prominent players in his lobby, there was no doubt that Mongraal was prepared for this. 


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For FaZe Clan, this is indeed a piece of good news. Considering the problems FaZe NA Fortnite pros are facing, Mongraal’s victory does come as a celebration.

Epic Games taking precautions with the tournaments


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It is also refreshing to see that Epic Games is finally implementing their anti-cheat in a proper way. Unlike previous tournaments, The Paradox’s Platform Cup did not see any griefing from uninvited cheaters. This shows that the new rules postulated by Epic have worked. 


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Epic Games also mentioned that the tournaments would be functioning much better, especially with the server’s part. That has also been delivered to some extent. This makes the pro players immensely grateful, although there is still a lot of work needed to be done on the servers.

Nevertheless, it is good to see that Season 4 has made professional players reach into their deeper recesses. More first-place performances will hopefully follow the outstanding comeback from Mongraal.


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Dipanjan Dey


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