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Fortnite: New Gas Can Traps Discovered

Fortnite: New Gas Can Traps Discovered

With Season 3 coming to an end, we have seen that Epic Games is adding a lot of old elements in Fortnite. They are changing it a bit, with different variations of said items. For instance, we have already seen how the rifts are being used now. Similarly, we think floppers might get a variance too.

Epic Games also brought back the traps in the game, but this was not welcome by the competitive side so much. While the content creators have had their freedom and wish fulfilled in Season 3, the competitive side suffered. Traps can be of great impact as they collapse right when someone enters your build. 

SypherPK made a video where he showed a new type of trap. It is not exactly the conventional form of the trap we know which works inside builds. This one is a new edition and seems a little influenced by other BR games.

New traps in Fortnite detected by SypherPK

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Jfusq6c_U]

Since cars are now in the game, we have a new combustible element, the gas cans. Now we have seen that refueling the cars midway without a gas station, you definitely need cans. Thus, they are expected to be in your inventory. For creating an explosive trap, you need to set the bait first, lure in the enemy. 

This is a fairly new trick so the enemy might not catch up quickly. So you line up a couple of gas cans with some loot and then hide in a nearby shelter or build or behind trees. The opponent will automatically fall for it, and when they are near the cans, shoot them. This will create an explosion and instant elimination.

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Innovative ways Epic has designed for players

With this discovery, it seems that several new things can be done with cars and the fuel as well. This would lead players to take advantage of the current set of items Epic has added.

Perhaps, this was a trick they were expecting everyone to find out soon about. With instant damage of 210, the opponent doesn’t stand a chance if you trap them right. 


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