Fortnite: Ninja Sypher Nick Argue over New Season

June 19, 2020 1:46 am

There have been several kinds of beef when it comes to Fortnite battle royale. However, some rivalries go way back. Such is the nature of the rivalry between Ninja and Nickmercs. These two have been at it for a long time and over the course of several different games. 

It’s not only just Fortnite, but they have also fought over Halo, Call Of Duty, etc. These two gamers are perhaps the most popular out their. Their opinions may vary, but their rivalry is healthy enough. Recently, it was re-sparked due to a tweet by SypherPK.

Sypher was mentioning the few facts about the new dynamics in Fortnite. How the circle (in battle royale terms) has seen a gradual change in Fortnite. While this is due to the new season, and the new dynamics brought in by Epic, it is also highly criticized. Some love it, while some are not at all convinced.

Nickmercs, Ninja, and SypherPK locked in a war of words

Nickmercs responded to Sypher’s tweet. He said, “I mean, bro, this is a big issue. How does THIS even remotely compete to the pace of an average Warzone match? Bringin’ up WZ because that’s where a lot of the attention is atm.” He has a valid point that Warzone is a more rapid game, with quick-fire action as compared to Fortnite. 

Nevertheless, Ninja came in to turn up the heat of the debate. His point was equally valid as he said one could not compare two games. They are two separate entities and give us a different experience. 

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Fortnite Season 3 new dynamic is encouraging controversies

This new season of Fortnite was promised to be one of the best. On that front, Epic has delivered, but still, the community keeps debating. We have to remember that any dynamic change will need some getting used to. The debate sparked between Ninja and Nickmercs revealed that Fortnite has been slow for a while now. The competitive nature of the game has been affected. Nevertheless, the content creators are happy with the fact that the game has re-established the fun element. 

However, that does not take anything away from the game. Warzone is a different genre of fire-fight altogether. To expect both these games to be on the same pace is ridiculous. Thus, the conclusion stands that no two games should be comparatively analyzed. That is just not how eSports works fundamentally. 

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