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Fortnite: Of Cars And Jerrycans (13.30 Update)

Fortnite: Of Cars And Jerrycans (13.30 Update)

The much-awaited Fortnite 13.30 update patch is live now. Fans have been waiting for this update because it was supposed to bring cars into the game. And devs did finally decide to add them with this update, however, there is a minor issue. The promised skins are present, the water level has receded further, we have Captain America, even the Aquaman challenges are live now, but there is no sign of cars in the game yet.

Now, don’t get upset, cars will very soon be a part of the game. This is sure to happen as many designated gas stations in-game have been updated. In addition to this, there will be a new challenge this Thursday that will ask the player to “Gas up a vehicle at Catty’s Corner” (courtesy of popular Fortnite leaker HYPEX). So, fasten your seatbelts, as we tell you about Fortnite Cars and their peripherals.

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Cars and related elements and features in Fortnite

Right now, players can see petrol jerrycans for cars kept at various places, throughout the map. And yes, like other games, they do blow up when shot. But there is more to this. Players can shoot while holding the can. But, here’s the catch that one has to be careful about, or they can exploit to their benefit. The jerrycans can deal 99 damage to players and 250 damage to vehicles. Which means if you shoot a player holding a jerrycan, he/she is done for. This might give rise to a new meta in Fortnite gameplay.

About cars, they will have explosion damage of 200 in close range and 50 in the long-range. This means you have to be careful as to be out of the blast range of your car in case it is about to explode. Which is also true for real cars, in case you’re wondering. Again, this might be something players can use to their advantage. Also, players bounce off when you hit them with your car but if you hit them hard enough, you might end up bouncing out of it.

Players will now look for ways to utilize the new features and exploit it to their advantage. As many of you have seen, this update has brought a lot of new elements in the game and players will need time to adjust their gameplay around it. But in any case, Fortnite just got more fun!

What do you think of the update?

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