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Fortnite Patch v12.40: New X-Force Members and Map Changes

Fortnite Patch v12.40: New X-Force Members and Map Changes

A new patch update for Fortnite went live today and with comes a ton of new content. Having faced something of a backlash from its fan base in recent times, Epic Games will hope the new patch alleviates some of that hate. Especially given the fact that the Season would go on until June 4, which they announced a few hours back.

Changes to Fortnite Maps

It looks like the developers are listening to the fans after all. Many had voiced their discontent over the new maps, calling for Fortnite to bring back some old maps.

While the developers are not bringing back old maps, they are taking inspiration from them.

The Shark will now feature a huge Prison establishment, which could very well be an homage to their highly popular Moisty Mire.

Moving onto the Agency, the hatches submerged in water, surrounding the Agency will be lit up after the new patch. We can expect some huge developments in the storyline there too.
It is safe to say the changes are building up towards the conclusion of Season 2.

Furthermore, there is a new island near the new prison on The Shark, featuring a single room. Speculation is rife that it may be the cage where Midas will be imprisoned sometime soon.

Following up on the Deadpool event, more Marvel characters are joining in the fun. Deadpool’s X-Force will welcome the new members into Fortnite.

New content

A Twitter user named Lucas7yoshi is known for his Fortnite leaks, and he did not let us down this time around either. He gave us a glimpse of a plethora of new content and hints coming up in the update.

Twitter user FireMonkey chipped in too.

Check some more of the new content in the 12.40 patch, you can expect a ton of it. A twitter user named Hypex – Fortnite Leaks and News gave us a glimpse of the content well before the patch went live.

However, new issues have plagued the rollout of the update patch.

Let’s wait and watch if this update can help calm the stormy waters.

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