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Fortnite: Players Complain About OP Marauders

Fortnite: Players Complain About OP Marauders

Fortnite battle royale season 3 has given the content creators various topics to focus on. While the competitive aspect of the game suffered, the fun factor was back in the game. However, there were several issues that kept plaguing the game even still. One of those included the highly over-powered AI, otherwise known as Marauders. 

There has to be a balance when it comes to AI in any game. Epic Games seem to have difficulty finding the perfect balance. It is simply because sometimes it can be hilarious to see how dumbfounded the AI is. At the same time, in the case of Marauders, it can be extremely frustrating. 

Sometimes they chase down your trail way too long with an entire group. It can get pretty tricky if you are fighting real people at the same time. Bugha, Dakotaz, SypherPK, and several other streamers have expressed their views on this. 

Players complain about AI in Fortnite

Marauders are OP from FortNiteBR

A recent discussion on Reddit focuses on how Marauders have been tweaked beyond compare with the latest update. We knew that they were going to be tough, but we did not expect how much. Bugha found himself in one of these situations where he got surrounded by a horde of marauders. 

Landing at Retail Row, he had a bunch of to deal with. “I am literally going to die to a Marauder; I am not even joking…Why are there Marauders in the game!

Dakotaz faced this, too, while he was trying to rotate inside the zone. A Marauder sniped at him while he was mid-air. If that isn’t all, they hunted him down with a group until he just quit the game.

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Epic needs to change a few things

There were several people speaking about the logic behind making the Marauders OP. It feels like Epic tried to do something different, but it just isn’t working out. Imagine being sniped while you are gliding, that too by an AI. This frustrates and mostly disappoints us as players.

“You could be a mile away, and they come after you,” said Dakotas. Right now it seems the Marauders are blessed with sniping skills and perfect follows. This somehow has to be tweaked before the community is disappointed further. What are your opinions about AI in the game?

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