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Fortnite: Players Losing the Drive To Play

Fortnite: Players Losing the Drive To Play

Fortnite battle royale Season 3 has brought about a lot of changes in the game, especially with respect to the dynamics. However, that has not made much difference in attracting the players who are the community’s backbone. Players like CouRage or TimTheTatMan etc. they just do not feel like playing the game anymore. 

Recently, CouRage, SypherPK, and Cloakzy expressed how the game is not working out for them anymore. One of them mentioned how the introduction of creative ruined the experience of the game. Besides that, there are several other issues that just dissatisfies the fans and old players in general.

For instance, the lobby size and server issues are some of the most recurring problems in Fortnite. Ninja, Sypher, Tfue, Aydan, almost all the household names we associate with the game, have complained of this issue. This is one of the significant problems that is irking players, and it needs a permanent solution. 

Why old players don’t feel like playing the game anymore

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“I just have no drive to play the game, I think it is because I just can’t keep up anymore with the crackheads,” said CouRage. Skill-based matchmaking is also one of the lingering issues in the game. Sypher and Ninja mentioned that the lobby size in the game needs to be increased.

“50 players barely makes a difference,” said Sypher. CouRage explained that he misses how the game used to be in general. These opinions from the pros really need to be considered, as they are the pillars of the community. If Epic wants to make changes in a big way then this is where they need to start.

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“Fortnite doesn’t do anything about stream snipers”

Another issue the game is plagued with is the number of stream snipers in the game. This is rather out of their jurisdiction because rooting them out can be tough. These issues, which have been stopping people from returning to the game, can perhaps ruin the brand name that Fortnite represents.

We remember when TimTheTatMan actually suggested how to make the game better. There were several pertinent points, including the addition of a gulag/respawn dynamic like in CoD Warzone. What do you think are the necessary changes Epic needs to make to bring Fortnite back to its former glory?”

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