Fortnite Pro Clix Confirms Sad News After Twitter Controversy

Published 05/30/2021, 5:43 AM EDT

The past few weeks have been no less than a roller coaster ride for Clix. Despite being one of the most popular professional players in the Fortnite community, he has been struggling to get his creator code back.


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It all started after Epic Games suspended Clix’s creator code for an explicit joke he made on Twitter. This was certainly unexpected, as the developer had never punished its creators for their off-platform offenses.

Ever since Clix has been requesting Epic Games to return his creator code. He even apologized for his actions publicly and had promised to become a better role model for his audience that largely comprises kids.


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Clix confirms he won’t get his Fortnite creator code back

Following weeks of drama, many were hoping that Clix will eventually get his creator code back. Considering his recent statements and break from streaming, it seemed that the streamer actually realized his mistake this time.


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However, Epic Games has now confirmed that the pro player’s creator code has been suspended permanently.

He informed the fans about the same in a recent tweet:

With over 3.9 million followers, Clix is one of the fastest growing streamers on Twitch. Even though he owes his initial success to Fortnite, he has now become popular enough to make a fortune by playing and streaming other games.

While many fans have criticized Epic Games for being too harsh, others simply expect Clix to move on from the incident and focus on alternatives like Warzone and Valorant.

When Clix and other pros took a dig at Donald Mustard

Fortnite pro are the most influential players in the community, but they leave no opportunity to troll others during games and on social media. This toxic culture is self-evident from the fact that Clix and Ronaldo had once abused Donald Mustard for attending the Super Bowl.

In a tweet, Clix called Donald Mustard a bald f**k but soon deleted it. Naturally, this was after he faced backlash for such blatant remarks.


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Fortnite pros like Clix must realize that their audience is full of young players. They not only idolize the skills of their favorite pro players but see them as role models in life. Hence, unnecessary hate and trolling can negatively affect millions of aspiring pros.

The only way Clix might get his creator code back is by applying for it from a different account. However, considering his past actions, it is unlikely that Epic Games will allow him to do so.


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