Fortnite Pro Unhappy With FNCS Invitational Format

Published 05/12/2020, 9:13 AM EDT

Week one of FNCS Solo Invitational concluded just yesterday with players across all competitive Fortnite regions participating. The games were intense as week one of the invitational tournament narrowed down 600 players to 300. Players add their scores up over two days of action in the current format, and the result decides their progression for next weekend. The top 300 across all regions progressed to week two.


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Clix upset with present FNCS Solo Invitational format

Going into the Fortnite Champion Series tournament, Epic Games tweaked the point system for the competitive formats. Last week, prominent players from the competitive community like Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, Turner “Tfue” Tenney expressed their displeasure at the new scoring format. Fortnite World Cup winner, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, qualified for the FNCS Invitational in less than 45 minutes with only two games.


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Now, after the conclusion of week one, another pro player, Cody “Clix” Conrod, expressed his discontent with the current format.

this format gotta go, the fact that the top players didn't qual says something like how tf did scoped and unknown not qual

— Clix (@ClixHimself) May 11, 2020

The player for Misfits Gaming, who finished 8th with 324pts after week one in the NA East region, took to Twitter to call out changes for the tournament’s format. He mentioned that since top players like Scoped and Unknown didn’t qualify, the format needs to change.

Started 40 min late duo to my internet and would’ve qualified but died to random linear kid my last game who was 12 hp

— Scoped‏ (@Scopedlol) May 12, 2020

Game crashes after I hit a guy for 195 a nice way to end day 1

— NRG Unknown (@UnknownxArmy1x) May 10, 2020


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a year ago


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How does the present FNCS format work?

In the newly adopted scoring system for the FNCS Invitational, kills get you 4 points each. Based on placement, you get between 1-33 points. It was done to promote more encounters in competitive Fortnite. Players can stack up some kills and then gain placement points over time. Rather than waiting to reach the top-ten point threshold, W-keying your opponents is more worth the time.
Recently, a controller player secured 30 eliminations in the qualifiers, that’s 120 points solely from kills without even considering his placement points. Many pro players are still used to the typical slow-paced gameplay. They aren’t used to the aggression seen in the new format. Epic’s new mentality to get players to engage with one another more frequently could probably be because of server performance issues. When over 40 people are alive in a tiny circle until the very end, it leads to laggy servers.


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Epic Games will be using the new format for the rest of the FNCS Invitational season, at the very least. Only they know whether they will reconsider later. For now, it seems aggressive players have the upper hand over those playing to secure placement or win the game.


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